2017 National Crime Victims' Service Awards – Arizona Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services

2017 National Crime Victims' Service Awards - Arizona Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services

The Arizona Attorney General Office of Victim Services Agency Support Team received the Crime Victims’ Rights Award at the National Crime Victims’ Service Awards Ceremony on April 7, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Visit the OVC Gallery at https://ovcncvrw.ncjrs.gov/Awards/AwardGallery/gallerysearch.html for more information.

Clerk at attorney general's office jumps to death | SAMAA TV | 04 Feb,2019

#SamaaTV #Suicide #Death

Clerk at attorney general’s office jumps to death

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Attorney General’s Office (AGO) English Power Video|| Access Alumni Association Nepal
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Attorney general: The Mueller report clears Trump campaign of collusion with Russia

‘The Next Revolution’ talks with Ari Fleischer, Gregg Jarrett, Sara Carter, and Kayleigh McEnany to break down everything you need to know about the Mueller report.
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Iowa Attorney General's Office Discusses Iowa One Call Law and Penalties, 2017

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and Assistant Attorney General Jacob Larson outline the legal aspects of the Iowa One Call law. Jacob provides a history of recent incidents to underground facilities and enforcement actions from the attorney general’s office.

Chapter 480.6 states…

A person who violates a provision of this chapter is subject to a civil penalty as follows:

a. For a violation related to natural gas and hazardous liquid pipelines, an amount not to exceed ten thousand dollars for each violation for each day the violation continues, up to a maximum of five hundred thousand dollars.

b. For a violation related to any other underground facility, an amount not to exceed one thousand dollars for each violation for each day the violation continues, up to a maximum of twenty thousand dollars.

2. The attorney general, upon the receipt of a complaint, may institute any legal proceedings necessary to enforce the penalty provisions of this chapter.

3. All amounts collected pursuant to this section shall be remitted to the Treasurer of State, who shall deposit the amount in the general fund of the state.

Corruption in the California Attorney General's office

David King is an experienced attorney who will restore balance to the California Attorney General’s office — working to represent the People of California without bias or favor. As the state’s chief law enforcement officer, David King will ensure the state’s laws are applied uniformly and fairly.

The Attorney General’s role includes serving as the chief counsel in litigation involving the state, defending laws passed by the legislature, and the People. David King will ensure those laws are defended, including measures passed by initiative.

It’s time for an Attorney General who is focused on more than politics. It’s time for someone who serves the broader interests of the people and businesses of California.


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What kind of activities does the attorney general's office investigate?

Gunster attorney and chairman of the board George LeMieux discusses the broad scope of the Florida statute on unfair and deceptive trade practices – and how they might affect business owners.
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LIVE | From the South: Minutes before Peruvian president Martin Vizcarra was to present a motion in congress that would declare a state of emergency in the attorney general’s office, the attorney general withdrew the order that led to this crisis and allowed investigators to continue working on the Odebrecht investigation. This and other news now.

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Sacheen Littlefeather-Declaration to SD Attorney General's Office~

Elder, Sacheen Littlefeather, Native American is a victim of an Internet Scam & Fraud conducted through a fraudulent Facebook account in her name: www.facebook.com/littlefeather.sacheen

This fake FB account included using her name, picture, image & was used to promote, provide financial information, and solicit money claiming to provide assistance to ‘freezing’ tribal members on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Facebook pages that used her names are ‘Operation Warm Winter,’ ‘Tetuwan Grandmother’s Circle,’ ‘Lakota Unci Cangleska/Lakota Grandmother’s Circle,’ ‘The American Indians Community,” etc.
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Texas Attorney General's Office Withdraws "Concern" After Misinterpretation of Intent

Recently, there was controversy over whether the Texas Attorney General’s office was responsible for getting the child support provision put back into HB 1911. Current law strips Texans of their inalienable right to self-defense and to bear arms. Under a committee substitute that was heard in the House Homeland Security and Public Safety, the right to carry without a license was not tied to the licensing requirements. However, when it was brought to a vote, that provision was added back in. There has been discussion about whether that was the doing of the AG’s office or solely Chairman King. 

Here are Chairman King’s remarks today during a moment of “personal privilege” attempting to clarify the controversy. You will see that the AG’s office was “concerned” about the child support provision, but retracted that concern over misinformation that the office was opposing the bill. HB 375 also doesn’t tie the right to carry to the unconstitutional licensing requirements. In spite of this, Chairman King did NOT bring HB 375 for a vote which speaks volumes about his support for constitutional liberties.

We need to make clear that, contrary to statements saying otherwise, at no point did AG Ken Paxton or his office oppose EITHER bill. Because the bill would have affected a key component of their duties, they were expected – as all agencies are – to communicate their concerns over how would affect their mission. Communicating a concern is not the same as communicating opposition.

Perspectives on the Florida Office of Attorney General [2018 Annual Florida Chapters Conference]

2018 Annual Florida Chapters Conference

The panelists discussed the roles and responsibilities of Attorney Generals and specifically the role of Florida’s AG. Discussion included an explanation of the varied roles and responsibilities statutorily and constitutionally given to the Attorney General and different means and perspectives on filling those roles. The discussion also encompassed the proper role of the Attorney General in multistate and federal matters, such as litigation over federal laws and their applicability to states, including laws such as the Affordable Care Act. Other federal matters in which attorney generals are or may be involved were discussed. The role of the Solicitor General within the AG’s office was also discussed.

Moderator: Joe Jacquot, Foley & Lardner, LLP


Rep. Jay Fant – District 15, Florida House of Representatives
Hon. Ashley Moody – Former Hillsborough County Circuit Judge
Rep. Ross Spano – District 59, Florida House of Representatives
Ryan Torrens – Torrens Law Group, P.A.
Rep. Frank White – District 2, Florida House of Representatives

2018 Annual Florida Chapters Conference
February 2-3, 2018
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
Lake Buena Vista, FL
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