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O.J. Simpson Trial Johnnie Cochran Closing Argument – Part 11

Part 11 of the famous Closing Argument in O.J. Simpsons Murder Trial. First “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit” in Part 3.

This is the End of day one of Johnnie Cochrans Closing argument. Next to follow was DNA speciallist
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The OJ Simpson Verdict – Johnny Cochran on CNN Larry King

Here´s the footage of Larry King´s Show on CNN feat. Johnny Cochran. Live Callers: OJ Simspon and Simpson´s Mother.
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Part ten of the famous Closing Argument in O.J. Simpsons Murder Trial. First “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit” in Part 3.
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Why Prosecutor Christopher Darden Broke Down at a Press Conference | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

At a press conference shortly following the O.J. Simpson verdict, Christopher Darden, the prosecutor who had asked O.J. to try on the once-blood-soaked glove, broke down and wasn’t able to finish his speech. Watch as he shares with Oprah one and a half years later what he was feeling in that moment. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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Why Prosecutor Christopher Darden Broke Down at a Press Conference | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN
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February 2001 – Sean "Puffy" Combs On Trial

New York City news coverage from February 26, 2001. Johnnie Cochran is among those seen.
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Listen as Johnnie Cochran impeaches Fuhrman’s testimony.
Mr. Johnnie Cochran’s Closing argument… speaks directly to Juror B29 “Maddy”

when you get up and look in the mirror and you’re free, you’re no longer sequestered.

But what’s important is, look in that mirror and say,

‘Have I been true to my oath?
Did I do the right thing?
Was I naive?
Was I timid?
Or was I courageous?
Did I believe in the Constitution?
Did I believe in justice?

Did I do my part with integrity and honesty?’

That’s the mission you’re on in this journey toward justice.

One of the things that has made this country so great is people’s willingness to stand up and say that is wrong.

I’m not going to be part of it.

I’m not going to be part of the cover-up.

That is what I’m asking you to do. Stop this cover-up!

Stop this cover-up!

If you don’t stop it, then who????

Do you think the police department is going to stop it????

Do you think the D.A.’s office is going to stop it?????
Do you think we can stop it by ourselves????

It has to be stopped by you!”

“Why did they then all try to cover for this man Fuhrman?

Why would this man who is not only Los Angeles’ worst nightmare, but America’s worse nightmare,

why would they all turn their heads and try to cover for them?

Why would you do that if you are sworn to uphold the law?

There is something about corruption.

And so, as great as America is, we have not yet reached the point where there is equality and rights or equality of opportunity.

I started off talking to you a little bit about Frederick Douglass and what he said more than 100 years ago,

for there are still the Mark Fuhrmans in this world and in this country who hate and are yet embraced by people in power.

But you and I, fighting for freedom and ideals and for justice for all, must continue to fight to expose hate and genocidal racism and these tendencies. We then become the guardians of the Constitution.

As I told you yesterday … if we, as the people, don’t continue to hold a mirror up to the face of America and say:

‘This is what you promised;
this is what you delivered,’
if you don’t speak out,
if you don’t stand up,
if you don’t do what’s right,

this kind of conduct will continue on forever, and we’ll never have an ideal society, one that lives out the true meaning of the creed of the Constitution of life, liberty and justice for all.

There is something about a rotten apple that will ultimately infect the entire barrel, because if the others don’t have the courage that we have asked you to have in this case, people sit sadly by.

We live in a society where many people are apathetic, they don’t want to get involved….

This man could have been off the force long ago
if they had done their job, but they didn’t do their job.

People looked the other way.
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O.J.SIMPSON's Dream Team lawyers socialize inside dinner honoring JOHNNIE COCHRAN in Beverly Hills

O.J.SIMPSON's Dream Team lawyers socialize inside dinner honoring  JOHNNIE COCHRAN in Beverly Hills

Johnnie Cochran and his wife,Dale hold court at the head table inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel ballroom greeting guests at his honorary dinner in 1994. Robert Kardashian eats dinner with two blonde women, while fellow defense attorney Robert Shapiro works the room shaking hands. Nation of Islam members guard the door.

Johnnie Cochran's Daughter Remembers O.J. Simpson Trial Decades Later – Crime Watch Daily

His masterful legal arguments helped win O.J. Simpson an acquittal. Now, Johnnie Cochran’s daughter speaks out.

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OJ Simpson Prosecutors are linking the bloody murder scene gloves to a pair Simpson repeatedly wore while broadcasting chilly football games for NBC sports.

Meantime-Tuesday – Lead defence attorney Johnnie Cochran balked when it was disclosed that another juror is allegedly receiving an excess of funds.

Cochran threatened that members of his defence team will head to the court of appeals if the state doesn’t suspend the payments.

More delays, stops and starts in Tuesday’s OJ Simpson trial.

The defence began the day urging the judge to bar prosecutors from telling jurors about a DNA test showing Simpson’s Bronco with the genetic markers of Simpson and one of the victims.

SOUNDBITE: “It is arrogant, it is arrogant. How clear could you have been to them when you said immediately if not sooner it was all a clear understanding that we receive this important evidence expeditiously and they tried to gain a tactical advantage. That is all there is to it.”
SUPERCAPTION: Barry Scheck, Defence Attorney.

After an in-chambers meeting between Ito and the lawyers, Johnnie Cochran warned Ito that he did not appreciate the fact that a juror would be paid more than the regular five dollars a day because of an alleged real-estate problem.

SOUNDBITE: “One thing your honor we are very concerned about what took place back in chambers and we think we need an immediate conference with your honor. We talked with Mr. Dershowitz and we feel that we have the perspective to bring it to your attention. We want to give your honor a heads up so we want to talk to you in that regard. Right now we think that it is very serious.”
SUPERCAPTION: Johnnie Cochran, Defence Lawyer.

Who knows if Cochran’s threats will delay the trial but Judge Ito didn’t seem to mind.

SOUNDBITE: “And we think it is unprecedented so we took the steps of calling Mr. Dershowitz and other appellate lawyers. They feel so strongly they want to take a writ on it right away.”
Ito: “Take a writ.”
Cochran: “We will do that and we will do that right away, I think that I ought to talk you out of this process because what it does it will taint that particular juror, the rest of the jurors aren’t getting that benefit and those are public funds and I don’t think we can do that. It is over and above someone’s salary and I don’t that is appropriate.”
SUPERCAPTION: Johnnie Cochran, Defence Attorney.

Finally when the Prosecution’s rebuttal case resumed, glove expert Richard Rubin took the stand.

Through an array of photos and videos Rubin said that leather gloves Simpson wore to a 1991 football game are the same kind as those found at the crime scenes.

SOUNDBITE: “Are the gloves worn by the defendant in these photographs the same style as the gloves found at Bundy and Rockingham?”
Rubin: “Yes they are.”
SUPERCAPTION: Chris Darden, Prosecutor
Richard Rubin, Glove Expert.

Rubin’s testimony continues.

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