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The best law firm! They were able to work with me financially and answered any questions I had regarding my case. I will without a doubt go back to Service Law Firm to see Henry for any future legal needs.

The Service Law Offices, LLC
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Wills and Probate Wichita Kansas 67202 Wills and Probate Wichita Kansas 67202

Wills And Probate, Wichita, KS 67202, Kansas, Kansas estate, Estate, Kansas 67202, KS 67202, KS Probate

Clifford L. Bertholf Law Offices

Representing Individuals & Businesses
CHANGE ME is a well-established law firm located in CHANGE ME that provides a wide range of quality, cost-effective legal services to clients throughout CHANGE ME . We strive to meet the legal needs of our individual clients and their families, and of small businesses, by offering personalized service that allows us to understand each client’s individual needs.

We have a proven track record
Built on the intensive attention to crucial details that we give to clients’ legal issues, you can be sure that you will be taken care of properly if you come to us. We always begin with a Consultation that allows you to get to know us and us to get to know you. We want to be familiar with every detail pertaining to your unique situation so that nothing gets overlooked. At the same time, we are experienced, result-oriented, lawyers who never let the details get in the way of helping you achieve the outcomes that are important to you.

Our Law Office will help you
To prevent problems by heading off possible future legal issues before they arise, thorough careful planning and well-drafted, clear, documents are essential. If a dispute has already arisen, our Law Office will assist you to reach a cost-effective resolution as quickly as possible.

330 N Main St, Wichita, KS 67202


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Kansas City Auto, Truck, Motorcycle and Boat Accident Personal Injury Lawyers

Auto Accident Commercial for Trapp Law Firm Jefferson City, Osage Beach and Kansas City Missouri Auto, Truck, Motorcycle and Boat Accident Personal Injury Lawyers

Visit or call (816) 753-1500 to speak with an experienced Kansas City, MO family law attorney. Few things in life are more stressful than dealing with an issue related to family law. If you’re located in Kansas City, MO area, and need help because you’re going through a divorce, paternity issues, child custody issues, or anything else related to family law, contact Allen S. Russell, Jr., Attorney at Law today to schedule your initial consultation. Mr. Russell will take the time to understand your unique situation, and will work hard to ensure your best interests are always represented.

Missouri, Illinois & Kansas Juvenile Attorney Talks About Juvenile Legal Matters

Missouri, Illinois & Kansas Juvenile Attorney Talks About Juvenile Legal Matters

Attorney Kirk Stange talks about juvenile matters where the Division of Family Services may be involved. Call today at 855-805-0595.

A practice area attorney profile featuring Chuck Efflandt, and the work he is involved with in Environmental Law at Foulston Siefkin LLP, the largest law firm in Kansas.
For more information about Environmental Law visit: (

Foulston Siefkin has a long history of representing clients in all areas of environmental law and related toxic tort litigation. Foulston Siefkin’s environmental attorneys have the backgrounds and substantive expertise necessary to deliver legal services and counseling in a broad array of environmental litigation and regulatory and transactional areas. As important as the scope of our substantive expertise, however, is the practical experience of our attorneys and the relationships they have built with regulators, environmental consultants and other counsel on local, state, regional and national levels. Such tools enable the environmental practice group to address the varied needs of clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Foulston Siefkin’s environmental attorneys provide representation, advice and counsel to a wide variety of clients including established commercial and industrial businesses of all sizes, emerging businesses, municipalities and property owners and lessees. We are regularly involved in preventing and solving problems for our clients in virtually all aspects of the environmental practice, including air, water and soil pollution; solid and hazardous waste compliance and enforcement matters; agribusiness environmental regulations and compliance; hazardous substance site investigations, cleanup and related litigation; wetlands development; regulation of underground and above ground storage tanks; pesticide and herbicide matters; asbestos-related problems; and dry cleaner site matters. In addition to the litigation and administrative aspects of our environmental practice, Foulston Siefkin has developed significant expertise in designing and implementing appropriate and cost-effective environmental due diligence strategies in business acquisition and merger transactions.

Areas of Representation:
Superfund (CERCLA).
Hazardous and solid waste (RCRA) matters
Regulation of agribusiness
Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act
Storage tank management and releases
Toxic tort and private property damage litigation
Environmental aspects of business and property transactions
Environmental insurance matters
Natural resource damage claims
Drycleaning facility regulations and releases
Voluntary clean up program
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When is a Personal Injury also a Worker's Compendation Claim? | Kansas City | MO | KS We Can Help! Call Toll Free (877) 937-2377
Advice On How To Find The Right Lawyer and/or Attorney For Accident Case Legal Help.

If you have been injured and are not getting the insurance companies to understand that you need help, call us. We can and will help you in anyway we can. If for some reason you need more services than we provide at the very lease we will help to guide you in the right direction to get you the help you need.

How To Find The Right Attorney For Your Legal Concerns: Call 816-545-9350 or 913-800-4550


Professional Service and Personal Attention

When a catastrophic injury or wrongful death occurs, no one can reverse the damage that has been done. However, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you take care of the legal and financial issues that remain. We can make sure you and your family has the financial compensation you need to pay the bills and move forward.

Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C., provides knowledgeable, compassionate representation to individuals and families in Missouri and Kansas. Our attorneys work diligently to develop a strategy for each unique case. Then we pursue the claim through negotiations and, when necessary, litigation. We are dedicated to being our clients’ advocates in the legal system through claims ranging from workers’ compensation to serious injuries to nursing home negligence. For a free consultation with our Kansas City personal injury lawyers, please call 816-545-9350 or contact us online.
You Have Rights After an Injury

Our attorneys have extensive experience with all types of car accidents and pedestrian and bike accidents, including those involving drunk or distracted drivers, uninsured motorists and dangerous rollovers. We also handle wrongful death suits, representing families of people killed in fatal trucking accidents and fatal motorcycle accidents.

The firm handles workers’ compensation in Kansas and Missouri. We represent people who work in farming and construction, as well as many other industries. Was your work injury caused by a negligent third party? We may be able to collect additional damages.

We also represent people injured by defective products in the home and at work. On commercial property, defects in elevators and escalators cause thousands of injuries yearly.

We understand the serious nature of catastrophic injuries, such as burns, head and brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Our lawyers and staff will treat you and your family with respect and care as we work to obtain compensation for you.

Please call 816-545-9350 to schedule an appointment with an Overland Park motor vehicle accident attorney. Our office is conveniently located off of I-435 and has ample free parking.

Personal injury and workers’ compensation cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. If we accept your case, there is no fee unless we recover damages for you.
Wes Harrison
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Legal Services TV Advertising (Advanced) – Unique, Memorable

A step beyond our basic TV spot production, this commercial style for Attorney or Legal Services TV advertising features professional voiceover, lifestyle imagery and more. This is an example of a completely custom, budget-priced broadcast TV commercial production for a legal service, featuring lifestyle imagery, dynamic text, and professional voiceover. NOT a template ad, this economical production style offers a national-look TV spot for a local budget price. Also available in web-ready video format.
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How Do You Get Guardianship Of A Grandchild?

Grandparents should seek legal custody or guardianship. When a third party, including grandparents, grandparents often take over guardianship of their grandchildren to legally obtain medical care for the child or remove him from hard home life. When can grandparents get custody of a grandchild? How i guardianship my grandchild without having how to obtain legal your. They are used for many purposes but can be especially helpful and simple when grandparents raising 27 jun 2016 most people know a neighbor, friend, or family member who provides full time care grandchild. Do i need an attorney to obtain legal guardianship of my minor what does grandchildren mean? Legal info. Getting guardianship of your grandchildren kansas legal services

grandparents should seek custody or thespruce why 1695497 url? Q webcache. Getting guardianship of your grandchildren kansas legal services. Unfortunately, even grandparents who the laws governing guardianships vary between states, but in most jurisdictions, you need a file petition with court to obtain legal guardianship of your minor grandchild. You will also need the consent of your grandchild’s other parent. You will need to hire an attorney file a petition for appointment of guardian minor and standby in probate court. Fcs2189 fy433 grandparents raising grandchildren custody what they should know treoir. In fact, grandparents raising grandchildren 4 apr 2014 although florida has statutes dealing with grandparent guardianship and visitation, those have been declared to be should not assume that they cannot protect their grandchildren; They obtain what are the provisions for under chapter 880? . The battle for the best interests of grandchild. Grandchildren black’s law dictionary. Although it is possible to obtain legal guardianship without an attorney, in many cases, advisable for grandparents retain counsel situations, the court can terminate arrangement at any time and reassign custody of grandchildren. Googleusercontent search. 18 jan 2016 when the parents of your grandchild are not married to each other you guardianship is the collection of rights and duties that a parent (or grandparents and other relatives raising grandchildren often face challenges to get awarded legal custody, guardianship or adoption of a child, a relative You will also need the consent of your grandchild’s other parent. To take a more active role in his child’s life. Grandparents raising grandchildren custody options permanent until child is 18 or court removes guardianship; Requires the filing of annual reports with these ‘grandparents grandchildren’ are primarily female, under 60 years old, and caring how do i get guardianship my grandchild? . Taking legal custody of grandchildren proud grandparents. Grandfamilies legal generations united. Apr 2017 in the great majority of these families, however, grandparents do not have legal custody or guardianship their grandchildren. If the guardianship arrangement is voluntary, in most insta
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Kansas City Family Law Attorneys (Commercial 2)

Kotlyarov Law Group, a Kansas City area law firm has a vast amount of experience in Family Law litigation. We are proud to represent our clients and help them assert their parental rights, gain custody and resolve complicated financial matters in divorces. Based in Raymore, MO we handle cases in Jackson County, Cass County and Clay County as well as the surrounding areas. We provide legal services exclusively in the State of Missouri.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.
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Administrative & Regulatory Law – James Rankin, Foulston Siefkin Law Firm, Topeka, Kansas Office

A practice area attorney profile featuring James Rankin, and the work he is involved with in Administrative & Regulatory Law at Foulston Siefkin LLP, the largest law firm in Kansas.
For more information about Administrative & Regulatory Law visit: (

Administrative and regulatory team members represent oil and gas operators, electric and gas utilities, and telecommunication companies, emphasizing their practice on rate cases, regulatory permitting and compliance, and other proceedings before the Kansas Corporation Commission. Foulston Siefkin has experience representing clients before the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission. Our lawyers also practice before other administrative agencies and represent clients seeking judicial review of administrative decisions.

Headquartered in our Topeka office, the administrative and regulatory team is well situated to handle matters before the various agencies located in the state capitol including the Kansas Lottery and the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission. Foulston Siefkin lawyers bring to the table the knowledge, experience and credibility necessary to help clients successfully resolve licensing issues, regulatory compliance disputes and other problems arising from governmental regulations and procedures.

Areas of Representation:
Government relations counsel, including bill drafting and testimony
Strategy development, advocacy and constituency development
Public policy consulting
Crisis management
Contested case hearings
Litigation and appeals
Negotiation of contracts and agreements with local, state and federal governments
Complex disputes
Assist clients to comply with existing laws and regulations in daily operations
Develop and implement corporate compliance programs
Investigate and resolve threatened administrative, civil and criminal actions
Provide representation in adversary proceedings where necessary to protect clients’ business interests
Federal and state regulation of health care providers and payers
Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement
Managed care, hospital and physician law
Tax exemption
Survey and certification enforcement disciplinary cases
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Phone – 316.312.4748 ~ Web –

Here if you need help, offering a ‘quality and proven’ 9.00 + Court Cost Kansas Bankruptcy or Divorce Package, call for more details.
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US Citizenship Naturalization Test 2019 (OFFICIAL 100 TEST QUESTIONS & ANSWERS)

2019 – EDITION

Welcome to the US Citizenship Naturalization Civics Lessons for the United States citizenship Interview/Test 2019.

There are 100 civics questions on the naturalization test. During the naturalization interview, applicants will be asked up to 10 questions from the list of 100 questions in English. You must answer correctly six (6) of the 10 questions to pass the civics test in English.

You will not know in advance which questions the officer will ask. To be prepared, you should study all 100 questions and answers. That’s why we have produced this video which contains all 100 questions.

The civics test is an oral test. Certain applicants, because of age and time as a permanent resident, are exempt from the English requirements for naturalization and may take the civics test in the language of their choice.

Any future changes will be updated and posted in a new video. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. We will reply to every single questions or comment. Good Luck!

(*) If you are 65 years old or older and have been a legal permanent resident of the United States for 20 or more years, you
may study just the questions that have been marked with an asterisk.
#uscis #uscitizenshiptest #civicsflashcards #citizenshiptest #2019-Edition


States Info

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KSCW Legal Counsel – 07-25-12 – Richard Samaniego

KSCW Legal Counsel with Richard Samaniego of O’Hara & O’Hara – Wednesday July 25, 2012 – Wichita, Kansas Lawyer & Attorney. Richard Samaniego answers questions concerning the Kansas 2012 Judge Election, Sedgwick County Judges Elections, Sedgwick County Judges Voting, hitting a cow on the highway, hitting a steer on highway, hitting a steer who is liable, Kansas Legal Aid, Kansas Legal Services and Kansas Criminal Legal Aid.
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