Selling LegalShield: Success Story with David A. Spangler, Jr.

LegalShield creates opportunities for motivated individuals to develop their own business. David A. Spangler, Jr. – VP of Group Marketing Independent Associate — discusses his success in growing his business. His hard work enabled him to support his family and build the home of his dreams through his residual income.

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How to effectively market LegalShield Biz Plans

This video is a recording of the weekly Mastermind for associates working with me in my CORE Method of Marketing Biz Plans Training and Support Program.

In this video you will discover how to more effectively marketing biz plans, the Best Practices, for increasing your sales, retaining your clients, and scaling your business.
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Legal Shield
Have You ever had one of these below happen to you?

Need One More Reason…
You don’t have an up-to-date Will.
You don’t understand the difference between a Trust and a Will.
Family members challenge your parent’s Will.
Your deceased spouse didn’t have an up-to-date Will.
The IRS selects you for an audit.
Your parents die and leave you executor of their estate.
You need a lawyer’s advice on any matter.
You need a letter written on your behalf by a lawyer.
You need a phone call made on your behalf by a lawyer.
You receive a speeding ticket.
You are buying or selling your home.
Your driver’s license is suspended.
Your landlord raises rent in violation of your verbal agreement.
Your teenager is accused of shoplifting.
You decide to change your name.
You are cited with DWI/DUI charges while taking medication.
Creditors threaten to take action against you for your ex-spouse’s debts.
A neighbor reports you for child abuse.
You decide to adopt.
Your dog bites a passerby.
A friend owes you money and files bankruptcy.
A stranger calls and demands money or damaging information will be released.
Your car is damaged by a hit-and-run driver.
You accidentally back over a neighbor’s garbage can that was not in its proper place.
A hairdresser damages your hair with harsh chemicals.
Your car is repossessed unjustly.

You are subpoenaed.
You are called to jury duty.
Your long drive off the tee injures another player.
You need a lease agreement reviewed.
Your son is injured in a football game.
A neighbor trips over a rake in your yard.
A jeweler sells you faulty merchandise.
A car dealership gains illegal access to your credit history.
You are hit by a bottle at a baseball game.
A tenant falls down stairs and sues you.
Your dog is poisoned.
You are injured when you slip on a wet floor in a public building.
Your cattle trample a neighbor’s garden.
Your neighbor’s dog barks for hours every night.
Your teenager gets a speeding ticket.
Your landlord enters your apartment without permission.
Your child throws a baseball through a neighbor’s car window.
A neighbor’s dog attacks and kills your pet.
Your boat is damaged while in storage.
Your landlord refuses to refund your cleaning deposit.
You lose an expensive watch in a hotel and the manager claims no liability.
A speeding car nicks your car bumper because you have parked in the street.
A merchant refuses to honor a guarantee

LegalShield puts professionals to work to provide the protection you deserve. Dedicated Provider Law Firms • High quality control standards • Monitored by LegalShield • Prepaid and ready to advise LegalShield’s customer service professionals provide our members the service they deserve.

Advice and Consultation* Family Matters • Adoption • Alimony • Child Custody • Divorce • Domestic Violence Financial • Affidavits • Collections • Medical Disputes • Contract Disputes • Bankruptcy Home • Contractor Disputes • Foreclosures • Mortgages • Refinancing • Security Deposits Auto • Driver’s License IRS • Audit Protection • Collection Defense Estate Issues • Health Care Power Revocation • Driver’s License Suspension • Driver’s License Restoration • Minor Traffic Tickets • Defense of Vehicular Homicide of Attorney • Wills • Living Will • Irrevocable Trusts • Revocable Trusts In fact, we give professional advice on all personal legal matters from the trivial to the traumatic (including pre-existing conditions). * Review the membership contract for your selected plan and state of residence for full details on benefits, limitations, and exclusions.

Over 2 million requests annually… Our Services • Personal Legal Advice—Unlimited • Traffic-Related Issues issues • Trial Defense • 24/7 Emergency Access for • Pre-Trial covered situations • Trial • Letters/Calls made on your behalf • Family/Domestic Services • Uncontested Divorce • Contracts/Documents reviewed up to 15 pages • Online Legal Forms/Videos • Lawyers Prepare • Your Will, Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney • Uncontested Adoption • Uncontested Separation/Annulment • Uncontested Name Change • IRS Audit Assistance • 25% Preferred Member Discount* If you were my lawyer, what would you charge for these services? * Up to 90% of member inquiries are covered by the plan with no additional fees. All other requests for service are entitled to a 25% discount to the law firm’s hourly rate (including pre-existing issues).

Legal Shield | Id Shield | MLM Perfected Opportunity – FULL Presentation 2017

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(804) 762-0387

Legal Shield | Id Shield | MLM Perfected Opportunity – FULL Presentation 2017

LegalShield protects over 1.15 million lives and over 140,000 businesses all around the US & Canada. Learn how to protect yourself and you family with LegalShield and IDShield services. Also check out our compensation plan for Legal Shield and Id Shield associates opportunity. We are not a start up company nor are we a scam. Our company has been around since 1972. We are proud to be a equal opportunity MLM company with one of the highest paying compensations in the network marketing industry. Matter fact we are MLM perfected! Learn how we made the legal industry more affordable & reliable by visiting or contact me for more information.

Legal Shield | Id Shield | MLM Perfected Opportunity – FULL Presentation 2017

Legal Shield | Id Shield | MLM Perfected Opportunity – FULL Presentation 2017
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LegalShield: A Dedicated Attorney Network

LegalShield: A Dedicated Attorney Network

What is a dedicated attorney network? It’s the framework that enables LegalShield members to pick up the phone and call an accomplished law firm in their state or province that is ready and willing to help with any legal issue. Check out this video to learn how LegalShield’s network of provider law firms cares for our 1.4 million members. You’ll also hear from a LegalShield member, as well as provider attorney, Melvin Hall.

Check out this video to learn about our dedicated attorney network or visit

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