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This is my story on how I saved 0 in fines, 11 points on my license, suspension and possible 30 days in jail ticket thrown out of court. If you don’t have access to what I call don’t mess with me insurance what are you waiting for?
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Why Legal Shield

How it works and how can you help others while helping your self? The company has been around for 40years and has being growing over the years helps others that can’t afford their legal rights to an attorney and other things. Also if you would like to invest and make an outstanding profit try it trust me it sounds different. But the number two high paying jobs are saving lives and helping other to be the best they can be.

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Alistair Edwards Explains LegalShield Residual Income

Mr. Alistair Edwards explains the LegalShield business model from a residual income perspective and the importance of “writing good business” by adequately explaining the membership so the member keeps it for many years. The business that pays is the business that stays. The compound effect of adding previous year’s residual income to the current year’s efforts have allowed him to create an impressive book of business. LegalShield allows associates to Will the book of business to anyone they choose since the business continues to earn income after the associate’s life has expired, providing the clients that the associate enrolled are still paying for the membership and/or the additional associates that were recruited are still writing business. A further detailed video explanation and be found, and a webinar or phone call can be requested through Thank you for your interest in how you can make a living by making a difference.
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Social by LegalShield: Snapchat Primer

How to Snapchat – a primer for beginners and just in time for Leaders at All Levels, we’ve added exclusive LegalShield filters!

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Hear from LegalShield associates and why they love working with us. Some of the top reasons – 1) “I get paid to market a great product,” 2) “It’s a blast,” 3) “They’ve become my family,” 4) “You have great support and mentorship every step of the way,” 5) “It’s a fulfilling profession – you’re helping people protect themselves and giving them access to a system that they’re usually financially locked out of.”

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Legal Shield Paid Me! | Legit work from home jobs

Legal Shield Paid Me! | Legit work from home jobs

Legal Shield pays daily. This is a very lucrative work from home opportunity.

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Debbie Pilo tells how she saved money when the Provider Law Firm wrote a letter on her behalf.
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The experiences expressed throughout this video are specific to these independent associates and do not represent the experiences or success of all LegalShield associates. Results depend on the effort and abilities of each associate. LegalShield makes no guarantee or promise of income or business as results are determined by each independent associate.
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The LegalShield Small Business Plan 10/50/100

Running a small business is no easy feat. With all the fine print and legalities of running a company today, legal protection is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be unaffordable. For one low monthly cost, you can lead your business with peace of mind knowing you’ll have access to legal advice when you need it most. From legal consultations and contract reviews to debt collection and more, we’ll help you and your business with any legal matter, big or small. Get more information:

Legal Shield (PrePaid Legal) Benefits for Employees

Legal Shield (PrePaid Legal) Benefits for Employees

I have been an associate of Legal Shield for the past 12 years + and this week received a pay check 🙂 I still after many years of being inactive. I’m still devoted to this business because they have helped so many families around the country. Many of our employees that were able to get the legal help they needed at a very affordable price. Legal help and referrals to the proper legal assistance. Letters in your behalf, contract review and phone calls included in your membership fee.

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