How To: Go Executive Director in Legal Shield Prospecting With Facebook

How To: Go Executive Director in Legal Shield Prospecting With Facebook – Learn exactly how to go Executive Director in Legal Shield prospecting with Facebook. No buying leads. No chasing family and friends. There is an art form to recruiting with Facebook and in this video Matthew explains the process he followed that took him from stealing internet at Panera Bread to earning over ,000 a month in just 6 months prospecting with Facebook.

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Harland C. Stonecipher, the founder of the company, started LegalShield after a car accident in 1969. Even though the other driver was cited as being at-fault, Stonecipher was sued. He depleted his life savings trying to fight the lawsuit. He founded the Sportsman’s Motor Club in 1972, which eventually became LegalShield as it is known today.
LegalShield is an American company that sells legal service products as part of an MLM business model. The company is one of the oldest MLM businesses in the United States. It was originally branded as Sportsman’s Motor Club in 1972, becoming Pre-Paid Legal services in 1976. The company made its initial public offering in 1984. The company was bought by MidOcean Partners in 2011 and is now known as LegalShield, an individual brand of MidOcean Partners.
The company develops and sells pre-paid legal service plans through about 7,000 independent attorneys throughout the United States and Canada. The company has developed identity theft monitoring and reputation services, offered partly through a company known as Kroll, Inc. The company has three different marketing strategies. It provides its legal services through a business-to-business marketing platform and through its MLM business operations. For employees, they are sold with a payroll deduction plan. The company also markets small business legal services. The most renown small business plan offered by LegalShield is known as GoSmallBiz, with former NFL star Fran Tarkenton as spokesperson.
• Monthly services are inexpensive
• Various legal and identity theft products
• Affordable services for small companies
Inexpensive Monthly Service
The basic legal service offered through LegalShield is relatively affordable. Depending upon a person’s needs, /month provides access to the following legal services:
• Advice/Consultation/Representation: A person can receive legal advice, representation at trial, will development, and other basic legal services.
• Document Preparation: Help with residential loan paperwork, power of attorney, and other legal documents.
• Automotive: Moving violation assistance and accident defense.
• Family Issues and IRS: This service covers name changes, divorces, and IRS audits.
Identity Theft
There is also an identity theft product available, starting at around .95 per month. The basic plan includes the following items:
• Coverage for spouse and member.
• Credit Report with Score and Analysis
• Credit Restoration Service
• Unlimited ID Theft Consultations
• Minor Protection
• Single Credit Bureau Monitoring and Alert
Affordable for Small Companies
The small business protection plans are also all-encompassing. In Utah (cost depends upon location), we found that the Small Business Plan for under ten employees started at .00 per month and included the following:
Legal consultation on unlimited matters:
• 20 consultation calls or letters per year.
• 5 collection letters per month
• 20 documents reviewed per year.
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LegalShield Family Plan

LegalShield Family Plan

When would you actually need an attorney? You’d be surprised. A LegalShield membership allows you to get help on things you may have never even thought needed an attorney – from traffic tickets, to real estate, IRS audits, wills, divorce, adoption and beyond. Visit to learn more
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LegalShield (formerly known as Pre Paid Legal) is a nationwide network of highly rated provider law firms that give you the ability to talk to an attorney without worry about the high hourly costs.

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LegalShield Review Video

Legalshield | Legalshield – How I Make $5000/Month after 4 1/2 Months Online

LegalShield – A Legalsheld video review. Why spend money to make money online!. Click the link.

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Legalshield suffers from the same drawbacks that all MLM businesses do. That is
1. you must recruit a lot of people to make any money and
2. You are burdened with a monthly financial commitment

Legalshield is an excellent company that has been around since 1972. So it is legitimate and it is not some fly by night mlm that is here today and will be gone tomorrow.
Legalshield offers legal advice to it members that have joined and paid a 9 yearly fee

Compensation from Legalshield is made by recruiting others to join from the 9 yearly fee.

The Legalshield service is unique and may be worth the investment if legal advice is what you are seeking. Making money with Legalshield is a different matter entirely, you still need to recruit members that are willing to invest 9. That is not necessarily and easy thing.

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Legal Shield | My HONEST Review

Legal Shield
If you are looking for advice about Legal Shield you should watch this video. It is by far the best information on Legal Shield available on the internet today.

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