legal aid houston divorce

legal aid houston divorce

here are some real storys about how we help people with legal aid houston divorce
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legal aid houston divorce

The legal aid houston divorce also indicates that Americans have a difficult time finding a qualified attorney to help them. Sixty-seven percent of respondents reported that they did not know a lawyer to call prior to needing one. The remainder said they found an attorney randomly through an online search, the Yellow Pages, or through some sort of advertising.

legal aid houston divorce

Respondents reported paying an average hourly rate of 4, with nearly 25% paying in excess of 0 per hour. Additionally, nearly 20% did not know their attorney’s hourly rate.
Seventy-two percent of respondents believe that most lawyers are difficult to reach by phone and 63% believe that most lawyers are not responsive with legal aid houston divorce
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What Is Legal Aid And How Does It Work?

“What Is Legal Aid And How Does It Work?

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News that Ugandan lawyers are bound to provide free legal services to the poor is sweet music in the ears of those who cannot afford to pay for legal representation. Every Ugandan lawyer is expected to provide at least 40 hours of free legal aid annually to the poor. So far 300 lawyers in Uganda have appended their signatures to a document binding them to that rule and are willing to begin offering the services.

Connecting clients to Legal Aid Queensland services: what community workers need to know

Presented by Legal Aid Queensland on 17 November 2015.

This session provides an overview of Legal Aid Queensland’s legal information and advice services (ie our website, legal help over the phone and appointments with a lawyer). The session includes useful tips for community workers who are accessing legal aid on behalf clients (eg how to prepare for appointments with our lawyers).

New family violence laws – Legal Aid WA

WA has new family violence laws.

Video courtesy of Legal Aid WA.

Visit the Consumer Protection WA Website –
Phone Consumer Protection WA – 1300 304 054

Consumer Protection provides advice and information for Western Australian consumers, businesses, landlords and tenants. The information on our website can help you with answer a question about:
• housing and accommodation
• shopping (consumers) and fair trading (businesses)
• motor cars
• scams, travelling conmen and unlicensed traders
• unsafe products
• charities and associations
• licences and registrations
• making complaints
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Nyaya Salahalu (Free Legal Aid) Dt: 09/11/2017

Nyaya Salahalu (Free Legal Aid)
Expert : K.Trigunatma ,Advocate
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In this video Kiley talks about the various ways people can find a lawyer to help them, including:

Community Legal Clinics

Community legal clinics provide legal services to low-income people in areas such as housing, employment insurance, income support, immigration, human rights, and workers’ compensation. Some clinics also provide assistance with wills, powers of attorney, and education law. To find the community legal clinic nearest you, visit the Legal Aid Ontario web site or call Legal Aid Ontario.

Law Office of Russell I Alexander, Family Lawyers

This law firm focuses exclusively on family law. Russell I Alexander offers pre-separation legal advice and helps clients who are going through a separation and/or a divorce. This office assists clients with family related issues including: custody and access, separation agreements, child and spousal support, division of family property, paternity disputes, and enforcement of court orders. Their lawyers negotiate settlements for their clients, and if a fair and reasonable settlement cannot be achieved they prepare and argue motions and trials.

Law Society of Upper Canada

Offers information on finding and working with a lawyer, web site:

Legal Advice for Victims of Domestic Violence

Legal Aid Ontario can provide authorization for a two-hour consultation with a family law lawyer through a form called “Advice Lawyer Family Violence Authorization”.

Community legal clinics, student legal aid societies, and women’s shelters should have these forms to give to abused women. Contact the women’s shelter in your community or call Legal Aid Ontario for the phone number and location of the legal clinic or student legal aid society nearest you.

Legal Aid Ontario

1-800-668-8258 (bilingual)

Office of the Children’s Lawyer

Provides court-appointed legal representation for children up to 18 years of age, call:
416-314-8000 (bilingual – accepts collect calls)

Legal and Family Resources

Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

Provides legal advice and information to low-income seniors 60 years of age and older on issues such as elder abuse, home care, nursing homes and homes for the aged, and powers of attorney; phone and web site:

ARCH Disability Law Centre

Provides legal information to people with disabilities, and some representation in precedent-setting cases involving disability issues. ARCH has an accessible library of materials on disability-related issues that is open to the public; phone and web site:

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Provides support, treatment, and education for people with mental health and addiction problems and their families. Publications on youth and addiction, and information on drug and alcohol policies in Ontario schools are available through their web site:
1-800-463-6273 (bilingual)

CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario / Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario)

Provides clear language legal education and information materials for low-income and disadvantaged people in Ontario. CLEO’s materials address issues in many areas of law, including family, domestic violence, social assistance, housing, and immigration and refugee law. Most materials are also available in French. All print publications are free and can be viewed online.

416-408-4420 (accepts collect calls)


An online collection of public legal education resources for community workers.
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Legal Services of North Florida Telephone Legal Advice Hotline

WTXL – Tallahassee feature of Legal Services of North Florida’s Telephone Legal Advice Hotline. Providing legal advice to low income residents of 12 north Florida counties from 2 to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Call 850-385-0029 for help. CLE ethics credits are now available to attorneys learning how to help their community. Contact John Fenno for pro bono opportunities at
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