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Tribute to Hon. Howard H. Dana, Jr. (Ret.)

A video tribute to Hon. Howard H. Dana, Jr. (Ret.) shown at the 20th Anniversary Dinner of the Muskie Fund for Legal Services, at which Justice Dana was presented with the Muskie Access to Justice Award.

Features comments about Justice Dana from Hon. David Kennedy, Director of Pine Tree Legal Services from 1982-1985; Peter Webster, Senior Counsel at Verrill Dana; Nan Heald, current Director of Pine Tree Legal Services; Nancy Chandler, founding Executive Director of the Maine Bar Foundation; Kinvin Wroth, Dean of Maine Law School from 1978-1990; Robert Mittel, Senior Member of MittelAsen, LLC (Co-Counsel with Howard Dana on 1980 U.S. Supreme Court Case).

Legal Issues Facing Our Veterans

After our veterans return from combat or active duty, they can face a host of legal issues upon returning to the reality of home. From homelessness stemming from evictions and foreclosures to child custody disputes to problems with benefits, veterans can have various legal needs due to their lengthy separation from home and are in need of assistance. But there is help for these individuals and the legal community is making strides in assisting our veterans in these legal disputes.

On Lawyer 2 Lawyer, hosts J. Craig Williams and Bob Ambrogi join attorney Richard V. Spataro, director of training and publications for National Veterans Legal Services Program and Robert Liscord, veteran legal services outreach coordinator and paralegal for Pine Tree Legal Assistance, as they take a look at various legal issues facing our veterans. They will discuss legal needs and how attorneys and organizations are assisting veterans with their legal issues.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Clio.

Magia sosnowego boru [Magic of the pine tree forest]

Subskrybuj Echa Leśne: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ64kgsc0thZq_6GFUnC5Pg?sub_confirmation=1

Nie wierzycie, że w sosnowych borach jest magicznie, wyjÄ…tkowo urokliwie i że tÄ™tni w nich życie? Niezależnie od tego, jaka jest Wasza odpowiedź, obejrzyjcie ten film na naszym kanale YouTube.. Bór wiruje w nim i mieni siÄ™ niezwykÅ‚ymi kolorami. A z oddali sÅ‚ychać przejmujÄ…cy gÅ‚os lelka…

PiÄ™kne zdjÄ™cia do filmu zrealizowali: Tomasz i MichaÅ‚ Ogrodowczykowie, SÅ‚awek SkupiÅ„ski oraz Grzegorz Bobrowicz, SÅ‚awomir WÄ…sik, Dariusz Graszka – Petrykowski, Marcin Lenart, Tomir Kubicki i Artur Homan.
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Innovating Through Technology for Legal Services

Laura Quinn, Idealware
Kathleen Caldwell, Pine Tree Legal Assistance
Brian Rowe, LSNTAP

The slides used in this presentation can be found here.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:45 Baseline Software
00:06:30 Beyond Basic
00:08:41 Online Intake and Triage http://utahlegalservices.org
00:11:00 Mobile
00:14:12 Helping clients learn
00:14:25 SMS http://bit.ly/1OaAAHJ
00:16:48 Mobile App http://citizenshipworks.org
00:19:07 Selfpaced Modules http://bitly.com/nPBx2O
00:19:48 Online Courses http://illinoislegalaid.org
00:23:23 Game Design http://bit.ly/1L6CCuc
00:25:01 Expert Systems http://bit.ly/1GjXRk7
00:27:07 Expert System Innovation http://bit.ly/1vFRsiz
00:27:57 Comment – Vimeo
00:28:46 Online Dispute Resolution http://bit.ly/1MrNL65
00:31:18 Making Questions
00:33:35 Comment – SMS Intake
00:35:40 Making Connections
00:35:11 Live SMS http://txt4life.org
00:38:45 Bridge for Youth: Real Time Status http://bridgeforyouth.org
00:40:52 MLSA Kiosks for Free Legal Help http://bit.ly/1OaFIvm
00:42:04 Question – Funding Kiosks
00:45:44 Mobile Legal help http://bit.ly/1yadAzd
00:47:10 Connecting skilled Volunteers thecommunitycorps.org
00:52:10 deverse.org
00:53:24 Simple Translations
00:56:53 Video Conferencing ourkids.us
10:01:30 Dashboards
10:02:00 Mapping http://1.usa.gov/1p3WRii
10:06:55 Polaris Project: Finding Patterns http://polarisproject.org
10:12:00 Back to the watchers
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Huge pine tree

Cut in Law Malvas
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Pine Tree Legal’s presentation to Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s office requesting for federal funding for their project “KIDS LEGAL: Protecting the rights and improving the lives of Maine’s children”.