Public Defenders – Law At The Breaking Point

Public Defenders - Law At The Breaking Point

Public defenders state that they are pushed to their breaking point. RNN reports on how these defenders are being overworked and how this trend is translated throughout the nation.
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Public Defender's work against their CLIENTS

My lawyer sold me out.My JAILHOUSE DIARY EXPOSE the corruption in the Lake County judicial system under States Attorney Waller ,Judge Foreman,Judge Bridges,Judge Rossetti,Judge Hall Judge Booras,Det Farmer of the Waukegan Police.DEPT….
Everything is in the office of Governor O’Malley and President BUSH…This all started in 2006.Long before I got locked up.I was making a movie about the Judicial AMERICA.Exposing the Racism and corruption in the Courts. Movie is done book is done.I won my Maryland case and now I’m heaed to the Supreme Court to set the RECORD STRAIGHT and Finish what I started.2-11-2006.I made a PROMISE…And I’m a MAN OF MY WORD……And I followed the LETTERS of the LAW.
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Full video: Argument led to judge allegedly punching lawyer

Full video: Argument led to judge allegedly punching lawyer

A Brevard County judge is accused of grabbing a public defender and punching him after a disagreement Monday, and the audio of the scuffle was captured on the judge’s microphone. Subscribe to WESH on YouTube now for more:

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Once again, the system is a complete failure. There is no accountability with these paid by the State puppets. This county a bad reputation for doing the wrong things and the DA office is one of them. see the link

Here’s the info.
Public Defenders Office
One Courthouse Square, Room 300
Carlisle, PA 17013

(717) 240-6285
(717) 240-7792 Fax

I believe many people are having their civil liberties violated in this country courthouse. I have talked to many personally and I believe very few are getting a fair trial. Feel free to call and voice your concerns to any, or all of the above. Thanks for watching
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Private attorney or public defender

Do I want a private attorney, who costs more, or a public defender for my DUI case? We discuss the pros and cons of such a decision

There is no question that public defender’s offices across the entire country are underfunded and overwhelmed. It’s gotten to the point where it’s now become a human rights crisis.

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Public defender arrested for talking too much

A Hinds County judge threw a lawyer in jail and he said Chris Ruth was being disruptive. 16 WAPT’s Ross Adams reports. Subscribe to WAPT on YouTube now for more:

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High and Dry at the Santa Clara County Public Defenders Office

The Public Defender’s Office should have been my first line of defense to protect my rights. When I got clean and ended up in their lobby, they blew smoke up my ass and acted like they cared. All my concerns fell on deaf ears and this office did nothing but offer me the free water. Oh…. And told me to go use the white courtesy phone. Never once did I have a dignified meeting other then in the lobby with all the other PISSED OFF clients . This is not what I would call a dignified meeting especially when everyone in that lobby got to hear about my personal and confidential information pertaining to my case.

PDO Assistant Director Damon Silver did it again. This time it is my fault for thinking that this agency still had some life left in it and could address my issues…. It doesn’t at all…. It is time to get these people ran out of this office and get new leadership that truly understand the community it serves.

The community cannot keep “Beating this Dead Horse” and we have to realize that the current leadership is out of touch with reality and must move on.
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Joe Nigro for Public Defender

Joe Nigro for Public Defender, Kickoff celebration in Lincoln, Nebraska, August 22nd, 2013

Note from Joe:

I have served as an attorney in the Public Defender’s Office for 29 years, and I am the best person to lead the office in providing efficient, high-quality legal representation. I am running for Public Defender because my combination of experiences, my ability to work with people, and my vision for the future make me the best choice for Public Defender. I am the candidate who will protect our rights and our pocketbooks.

One of the strengths of the American judicial system is that anyone charged with a crime is guaranteed the right to an attorney. The Public Defender’s Office provides legal representation for people who cannot afford an attorney. We do this for less than the cost of appointed private counsel, and I will make sure this continues. Our current Public Defender, Dennis Keefe, has built a great office by attracting and keeping quality attorneys. We can continue the tradition of quality, low-cost legal representation by maintaining a good workplace atmosphere and ensuring adequate funding. Caseload standards have helped enormously, and I will make sure that those standards are followed so the quality of the work we do remains at a high level.

As Public Defender, I will work to create a Mental Health Court to work with people with mental health issues more effectively. My experience with Drug Court has convinced me that problem-solving courts are a less expensive and more successful way to handle these problems.

I will work with the Mayor and the city to change the Municipal Code to reduce costs in the legal system. By changing some penalties in the Code, we can avoid the unnecessary appointment of counsel, saving the taxpayers money.

I will expand community outreach and education by our office. An educated citizenry is less likely to get involved in the criminal justice system, and an informed electorate will be more supportive of sustaining a quality office.

I welcome your feedback and thank you for your support.

Joe Nigro

Protecting All of Us