Civil Rights Act Of 1964

(31 Dec 1964) Civil Rights Act Of 1964
Congress passes the most sweeping Civil Rights Bill ever to be written into law. Five hours after the House votes on the measure, President Johnson signs in into law before an audience of legislators and Civil Rights leaders at the White House. He calls it “a turning point in history” and uses a hundred pens to affix his signature. Following tradition the pens are distributed by the President to government leaders and other notables present including the Reverend Martin Luther King, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey and Everett Dirksen.

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24 thoughts on “Civil Rights Act Of 1964”

  1. What would the repercussions be if the Civil Rights act and the Voting Rights act was fully repealed?

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  3. Hey, Dr Bartender AOC: You really sound stupid, wait! You're joking right? I can't believe that you're seriously considering all that rhetoric BS you just said. Oh, I got it! "It's AOC fantasising in kitchen" the new TV serie!

  4. Alexandria Occasionally Cogent is always good for a laugh, until you realize she is dead serious and in Congress.


  6. Ocasio is looking to feel important and needs virtual validation, not facts or correct information, just superficial praise from unreal sources so she can love herself in the mirror and sleep at night. Very sad …mirror mirror on the wall….None of it is real, just a paper doll, leftist. “ dressed up Democrat” to sell “obnoxious” as the new power.
    It’s not that educated people disagree with country concerns, it’s that Ocasio’s toddler approach for attention is ineffective and really ONLY about loving herself. 🥰

  7. AOC please go back to school and learn some history. It was the republicans that fought AGAINST the dems. Dems loved their slaves and their brutal treatment against humanity. Dems formed the KKK. Dems didn't want the blacks to vote. It is the Democrats that are hateful and murderous people.

  8. It was the Republicans who passed the Civil Rights Bill and Demon Rats were in 100% OPPOSITION!!!

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