House Democrats grill Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker

Whitaker defended his handling of Robert Mueller’s investigation during questioning by House Democrats, testifying that he had not shared information about the investigation with Trump.


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20 thoughts on “House Democrats grill Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker”

  1. Yes or no? Are apple pies made from apples? Mr. Chairman the answers yes and no are both correct.

  2. "Bob Mueller will finish his investigation when he finishes his investigation." Facts of life, just gonna have to wait and see. Bombarding Whitaker with questions he cannot answer with qualification/substantiation due to a classified investigation that is STILL ON GOING doesn't help in that investigation process. People just spinning their wheels. While I disagree with Whitaker's lack of tact ("I see that your 5 mins is up."), it may still be technically correct not to comment on the investigation. Pushing a guy to reveal information that is not yet determined does not make that information fact; esp. if he is being asked his opinion or interpretation whether it is a "witch hunt". We'll have to wait and see.

  3. And I thought the Kavanaugh hearing was ridiculous. At least no crying was done this time. Just pointless jokes.

  4. And the Oscar go's to oh oh its a fight the democrats are on the floor! Who is it going to be. It's up for grabs which one is going to be more stupid. Each one trying to put do the other. We got fake anger, tipsy Nancy, cuck the Chuck, the outragous Cortez, and I'm Spartacus. On an on stupidity just never stops. Where you at Maxine why ain't you in on this. Please if you are a politician or an actor/actress or althete please I beg you grow up!

  5. the committee does a lot of tough talking, but more looks like a dysfunctional circus

  6. Hakeem Sekou Jeffries (Dem. Rep. from Queens and Brooklyn – woohoo!!) WHO ARE YOU? Some tiny, arrogant pimple on the butt of progress. Go back to representing Super Bowl conflict and defending Black Attorney's for Progress.You are a little muslim racist trying to act tough with a big man of prestige, strength, ethics, and backbone, Attorney General Matthew Whittaker. You look pathetic and silly Hakeem Jeffries, not to mention like an activator of racism. Get over yourself! You've been in congress for ONE MONTH! Lol. Trying to act big already? Give yourself a year as figure out who you are other than a low level attorney among millions and a donkey's fool. Is Hakeem Sekou and Kennisandra Arciniegas (wife) real names or created to stand out as related to the Sharia brotherhood! Funny how your parents have real American names!🇺🇸🇮🇱

  7. ‪@AGWhitaker_ Gratefully impressed with your tenacity, transparency, patriotism, and strength to hold tight to ethics you embody, while ruthless, destructive Dems interrogate you and "lay in wait" for the fall of America under fearless leadership of Pres.Trump. It Won't happen!. ‬

  8. Sometimes wish earth would eat most of American people so I can have a job since u guys like being slaves

  9. Hey Matt! Your Haircut makes you look like a Nazi Skinhead. Or is that done on purpose? And correct me if I”m wrong, but isn’t this guy supposed to be approved by some Congressional Committee?? Or did we dispense with that as well since 9-11 under the so-called Patriot Act?? Honestly I don’t know..

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