How To Find A Good Closing Attorney or Title Company?

This is just a short video to answer the question whether or not you should use and attorney or a title company and how to find a good one. Please leave any questions or comments below. For more free training and a free copy of my book The Real Estate Investors Guide To Guerrilla Marketing go to
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20 thoughts on “How To Find A Good Closing Attorney or Title Company?”


  2. You explain things in a very easy straight forward no BS kinda way. You are not only giving good information, you're helping me gain confidence in this industry before I make my first deal. I think I'm gonna have a martini in your name for my first deal just based off your YouTube videos. (Yes, I already subscribed)

  3. Thanks for the info, Iโ€™m also in Virginia in the Richmond area. Do you have any recommendations?

  4. Please walk us through using a title company too,,,Thanks sooo much for sharing your knowledge

  5. Scott can you talk more about the "seller side only hud" not seeing too much information on the net about this maybe you could send a link or post more info to your website. Thanks!

  6. Nice video, I completely agree with you and I think its more better to be a real estate lawyer than becoming a real estate agent. I'm a law student and I'm trying to learn everything related to real estate and I get professional help from as they guide me everything briefly. I really appreciate it for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Excellent video I am in the process of finding a consistent closing attorney but had no clue on what questions to ask. Thank You

  8. yeah, choose an attorney, who will always find a way to charge you more in the future.

  9. Hi I'm starting now and I see you know what your talking about, I had a question If I'm wholesaling a prop to and investors but they would like to see the house, how do I show them the house if I don't have the keys to the prop to show them around ??

  10. Hello! I know this is an old thread but hopefully you see this. This is best video I've found yet that discusses this topic. Just to clarify, by using an attorney, the deal would be complete and finished just as if I used a title company? Also, I'm wondering, how much would you say I should expect to pay an attorney to handle this process? I'm in Maryland if that helps…

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