Human Rights Lawyer Dan Kovalik Reacts to Venezuela Coup Attempt

Human Rights Lawyer Dan Kovalik Reacts to Venezuela Coup Attempt

Human Rights & Labor Lawyer Dan Kovalik reacts to attempts by the Venezuelan opposition, backed by the United States, to carry out a coup in Venezuela on April 30th.

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  1. The Cubans, Russians, and Chinese that are currently in Venezuela have military assets in the region. So if the US wants to bring in military contractors to start a guerrilla insurgency it can. And the Venezuelans, Cubans, Russians, and Chinese will be waiting in the cut to take it to their ass. Trump's policy is disastrous!

  2. "Is the Anglo-Zionist Empire on its way out? If so, what comes next? Whistleblowing ex-World Bank economist Peter Koenig joins us to ponder such questions—and to parse details including the possible implosion of NATO, China’s arrival in Europe and eventual victory over the US, Pompeo and Bolton’s farcical attempt to stop Iran from exporting oil, the stalemate in Venezuela, and Likudnik-Messianic Israel’s madcap attempt to rule the Middle East and the world."

  3. the US is in a corner. Almost all options have been used except the military one. This last option is being planned. Maduro should prepare (the friendly powerful countries will surely help him prepare the army and supporting structures). We're entering the last phase that may cause a devastating war if the US senate approves.

  4. Fuerza Hemanos Venezuelanos aguenta ate que Brasil se liberte deste Bolsonaro e elijir uno Presidente Rojo novamiente .
    Brasil fortalecera suas alianzas con BRICS e SudAmerica sera Forte en contra el Imperialismo Racista e Criminal

  5. The democracy that Maduro is practising is of another level….out of this world😍💓🇰🇪 no any other government can take it this …… Even the US

  6. This is so brazen. The US is not even hiding their acts of aggression anymore

  7. Bolton: Guaido we are getting very impatient. We want the oil and we want it now! You told us you were a safe bet to turn the military. We have the media on side for you. Either get the job done or we will do it ourselves! The oil oligarchs are threatening me. Don't let me down. Guaido: No sir, Mr. Bolton, sir, I will come through for you. You can rely on me. I'm your man Mr Bolton, Sir.

  8. Venezuela will prevail! The likes of Guaido have no chance to defeat the Bolivaran Republic. Viva Maduro! Viva Venezuela!

  9. This is a critical time for INTERNATIONAL LAW ! Monroe Doctrine on steroids

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