If You THREATEN to SUE Your Doctor for Medical Malpractice Will He Say "OK, How Much Do You Want?"

If You THREATEN to SUE Your Doctor for Medical Malpractice Will He Say “OK, Tell Me How Much to Pay”?
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You don’t REALLY want to sue your doctor.
You like your doctor.
In fact, you LOVE your doctor.

But you think he dropped the ball.
You think he screwed up.
Big time.

You think his carelessness caused you harm and injury.
Permanent injury.
You want to send him a letter threatening a lawsuit.

You think it would be better coming from an attorney.
You want to send your doctor a threatening letter from an attorney.
“That’s sure to get him to respond and pay up,” you think to yourself.

Actually, that’s NOT going to happen.
Not by a long shot.
First of all, if you find an attorney who IS willing to send a letter threatening to sue your doctor and he or you have NO intention of bringing a lawsuit, then your lawyer has just violated an ethical rule and would be subject to a grievance here in New York.

An attorney cannot threaten litigation if he has no intention to go forward and start a lawsuit.

Next, your lawyer will IGNORE your threatening letter.
He will NEVER respond to it.
He’ll send it to his insurance company.

There, they will laugh at it and throw it in the garbage to await your lawsuit.
They’re quaking in their shoes waiting for your lawsuit.
They’re shivering wondering when the lawsuit will show up.

They really don’t care if you file suit or not.
That’s a fact.

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