Laws Broken: Dark Knight (Can Batman Use Self Defense? How Many People Did the Joker Kill?)

Why so serious? Because you’re going to jail for 12,000 years, that’s why.
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This week we’re covering the greatest movie Batman movie ever made — perhaps the greatest superhero movie of all time: The Dark Knight.

Today we’re answering two different questions. Since we know the Joker is doing all kinds of illegal things I tallied up all the different crimes to determine HOW MANY life sentences. Because there is a lot of murder. For Batman, we answer the question, can he use the self-defense justification to fight crime? Or is Batman just as guilty as the criminals he fights?

Who is legally responsible for all the death and destruction?

Find out today!

Stay until the end when tally up the sentences for both the Joker and Batman.


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Have you ever watched a movie and thought “that looks illegal.” It probably is! Welcome to Laws Broken, a series on LegalEagle where I tackle your favorite movies and show you how legally irresponsible they are.

As a lawyer, it’s hard for me to watch movies, because I’m constantly thinking about how the main characters are breaking the law or opening themselves up for civil liability. But my pain is your entertainment!

Got a non-legal movie that seems illegal? Let me know in the comments!

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20 thoughts on “Laws Broken: Dark Knight (Can Batman Use Self Defense? How Many People Did the Joker Kill?)”

  1. Actually, metropolis is a stand in for new York. Gotham is new jersey. In fact, most people don't realize this but that means Batman is a stand in for the Jersey Devil.

  2. @Zero Ryuzaki  Ooh GREAT ! Batman home is '"ILLEGAL" [by the way so is mine] That's even better he doesn't have to deal with greasing the palms of dirty politicians because you know they always have that zoning bs., That everybody else has to put up with Nor nosy BUILDING INSPECTORS, who unless you give them a free couple of FREE Caribbean cruises, are always going to find SOMETHING amiss, NOR having to deal with the loca Gambino TEAMSTERS because you know it take 99 years to get one freakin' brick laid, and then there's always that pesky EPA always worrying about sewage runoff, and a plethora of other alphabet agencies and its agents always making sure everythinggggggg' is alllllllways up to freaking code , very very lucky 'man', a home that every man should be proud to live in !!! (Governmental PERMISSION bs:)

  3. Not an objection, but I think you forgot about the unregistered NFA items (fully automatic firearms, explosives, etc), which would add quite a bit of prison time to their sentences.

    On second thought, that’s federal law, so I guess it doesn’t really count

  4. The bank manager may be clear on use of force, but I'm pretty sure the ATF wouldn't like his shotgun much.

  5. lo how is he loitering in his own house, does that mean when i walk around naked in my room i'm performing public nudity?

  6. OBJECTION: when Batman was fighting the jokers henchmen at the party he was in his own property there fore he dosent have the obligation to retreat to safety. This is technically self defense as the jokers henchmen came armed and with the intent of emotional harm as well as assault and battery

  7. So u r seriously telling me that batman would serve a longer sentence than joker. That just shows how messed up our justice system is.

  8. Also, when computer crimes get you more time than cold blooded murder…somethin is very wrong.

  9. Batman is my favourite domestic terrorist. He specifically uses fear as a weapon. Batman is guilty of thousands of counts of assorted assaults, manslaughters, and even a handful of murders. Batman is a fucking maniac lmao

  10. To be fair…new York law does not look kindly on normal law abiding citizens. They would rather coddle the criminal while criminalizing the innocent.

  11. Objection : Surely the bank manager isn't justified in keeping a loaded unsecured firearm in his office where it is accessible to anyone, we don't see him access a gun safe and he brings the shotgun out within seconds of the robbery taking place, aren't there laws governing where firearms can be kept in a federal bank?

  12. Do one for avengers lol. Is there a law against snapping half of all life away in the universe?

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