laws EVERYONE should know (especially cops)

Case law is fun!

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40 thoughts on “laws EVERYONE should know (especially cops)”

  1. My friends had a situation and wanted an opinion from other people.
    4 friends at target messing around, one yells;
    "Get down on the ground!!" in a joking manner which is followed up by loud laughter.
    Someone reported this friend to mall security and also adds that the "friend" who is now a suspect has a gun (which was false, there was no mention of a gun or indication that anyone had one). 3 deputy sheriffs arrive and detain all 4 friends and search each one thoroughly. The one that yelled was then banned from the mall for a year.
    Just wanted to see if they could lawfully arrest someone for something they were falsely accused of, or in turn arrest them for maybe disturbing the peace or something.

  2. The amount of subtle memes placed in this video are hilarious and I loved every second of it. PUT IT IN REVERSE TERRY

  3. every law enacted is a potential gun to your head and your body being imprisoned…

  4. I don't get why you cant use evidence if it was obtained illegally. I mean evidence is evidence, if a cop searches you illegally and finds a severed head motherfucker, you need to go to jail. I don't care how the cop found the head

  5. I literally almost died laughing on that part where he said "are officers using excessive force given what's presented to them?" and then showed a clip of Terry Crew unloading a shotgun into an Asian woman's face.

  6. Am I the only one who read “Pewdeepie vs T series” at the beginning of this video??

  7. Retired LEO here. Only about half of those "nationwide" laws are applicable in Washington State lol.

  8. I accept the wealth and prosperity that is in my life and I am completely grateful, this is my time

  9. People from PAKISTAN..🙋 thanks for always being my motivation. Wish me luck for marrying a crush..👰

  10. I accept my relationship back its my time. My ship has come in of money like i said in a previous vid ill trade it all for my relationship back.

  11. I m ready. I accept the wealth and prosperity that is in my life and I am completely grateful.
    I accept the incredible Opportunities that are in my life and I am completely grateful.

  12. I believe in miracles and it’s my time to receive my intentions I desire for a long long time. Thanks Robert you’re inspired me and I accept the incredible opportunities that are in my life.

  13. OMG this is truly a sign that my desire is coming to pass I was just about to give up and this came across thank you so much may😂😂😂 God continue to bless you PS once I get my desire real soon I will share my testimony with you😎 guys

  14. I have dreams I've been going at for years. They have been stop and go. Sometimes I feel like giving up but giving up feels more painful than not dreaming on and dreaming big. Your videos have helped me to push on and believe in myself. I'm ready to receive. this is my time . Thank you Robert and Rachel.

  15. I accept the wealth and prosperity that is in my life and i am completely grateful

    This is my time

  16. Yes Robert I'm ready i accept the incredible opportunities I'm rich Iam happy Iam healthy Iam confident it's my time I love money money loves me I am a money magnet I have a happy health joint family I can attract any thing in this world I really want help the poor old childrens helpless animals it's all by the grace of God

  17. i accept______________the wealth and prosperity that is in my life and i am completely great full and this is my time !

  18. when i played this video time in my phone was 07:"33" battery percentage "88" and this video is about "10:10" and well its a sign…am ready to receive.. !! Yay 🙂 😉 …

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