20 thoughts on “LAWYERS Reveal šƒš”šŒšš„š’š“ Thing They Explained To A Client”

  1. I appreciate that you keep the music moderately low unlike other people who makes these vids

  2. The one about the norwegian midnight sun I've actually heard about. It was in the news here xD

  3. I studied business law & this makes me want to go the whole way just for the lols.
    "No, you can't marry your love doll then divorce & seek child visitation rights!"

  4. Wow, been a while since I heard the term "sovereign citizen" come up. I almost forgot that nonsense was a thing.

  5. is it bad that i thought paedophilia was different from pedophilia?
    Paedophilia going by ubrban dictionary is the slang way to write pedophilia ….. now i feel dumb

  6. The one at 4:44 actually broke my heart a bit. Fuck people who run those scams! It's easy to make fun of people who fall for it, but at the end of the day it can ruin innocent (if deeply naive) lives.

  7. "I want the government to absolve me of debts due to not having any money to pay. What? Why does the government need to know how much money I make and have for that? It's none of their business!"

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