Medicaid Estate Recovery: A Primer

Community Legal Services of Philadelphia’s introduction to PA’s Medicaid Estate Recovery Program. Funded by Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging.

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9 thoughts on “Medicaid Estate Recovery: A Primer”

  1. My dad had a house all the way up to the time he died and no one was able to touch it because it had a TOD on it, which is a transfer on death. Sadly though, I'm in a court battle to regain what was wrongfully taken from the estate because the beneficiary of that house turned out to be a thief who is now in legal trouble. Lawyers don't take cases unless they're wearable and he definitely found something on the thief who was my dad's POA, which is a power of attorney or should I say POS piece of shit when they're really thieves. She got the house but the county turn around and took it back because last I checked it had a sheriffs deed on it so I don't know what the end result will be but the life insurance proceeds is a big hit. That's what the thief stole when she tampered with the papers and benefited herself. Both her and the life insurance company that allowed the fraudulent transfer and actually paid out are both in very hot water right now. When talking assets there's so much involved including but not limited to estate theft and recovery. When dealing with even real estate, you must do a background check to make sure that when you're recovering a piece of property for Medicaid purposes that you're not taking it away from a rightful beneficiary. That's because estate thieves are very real and they're really out there stealing from families. Do you want to be very careful and it might be a good idea to back off because you don't know who you may be stealing that piece of property from, it may be that person's family and that family member was supposed to have gotten the house when that senior died. It's best to just back off and stay away from this. You just don't know who you may be stealing from, it may be someone entitled to that property you're taking and it may actually turn out to be someone who badly needs that resource

    Finally, remember, there are some things that bypass probate and probably won't be listed. Be aware of that and be ready to just back off and count your loss because it's probably not meant for you. As for cash resources, people are putting beneficiaries on their accounts and those cash resources are probably being used for final expenses, another good reason why you need to back off the estate. When there's a death, the family is already going through enough without the state stepping in and trying to steal what resources are needed to pay for those final expenses. The funeral homes need paid, too because they're the ones doing the final services for the family. Funerals and products are expensive, let them be! Just back off and stay away from the estate. A family death is already a very stressful thing without others interfering, especially when other matters are discovered that are far more important than the state trying to come at them with their hands out. Let the family take care of the most important things first before bringing up anything else. Let them bury their dead, give them space

  2. Great information Brandon. Going to defiantly check this out if I need affordible legal service.

  3. Hi Brandon, I have the same service, I love it. great job on the video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It's called legalshield and it's only $17/month. I have a link to my website under the video if you want to sign up or learn a little more about it. Thanks for the comment

  5. Valid discussion points and great wisdom regarding attorney services – thanks for sharing the information!

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