Phoenix Assault Attorney- Lawyer Answers Online Legal Questions

Phoenix Assault Attorney- Lawyer Answers Online Legal Questions

Adam Feldman answers online questions related to assault in this Google Hangout. If you have been charged with assault, you may get some more information online at or you can also post your questions to answer in the comments section.

1. What is your fee for defending an assault case?

2. I’ve been charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, but this wasn’t a gun, or a knife, it was a piece of wood in a bar fight. I was outnumbered and yet I’m being charged. Why aren’t they being charged?

3. My son is facing a charge for assaulting an officer in jail. Is there anything you can do for him?

4. If you successfully defend my assault case, will I still be facing a civil case?

5. I have a court appointed attorney for an assault charge. My family has all pitched in some money and I’m looking for an attorney. How would that work? Meaning if I find an attorney will they meet with the court appointed attorney to transfer my case?

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