Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorney – Lawyer Answers Legal Questions

If you are facing a sex crimes charge in Arizona, before you make a decision on hiring an attorney, you probably want to hear from Adam Feldman. Adam is a criminal defense attorney located in Phoenix, Arizona. He has significant experience in successfully defending sexual crimes cases. You can visit him online at for more information.

In this Google Hangout he answers online questions. The questions are as follows:

I am facing some very serious charges, actually many charges. All of the charges are sexual in nature and are over the course of years. If I hire you, will I get a flat fee upfront to defend all of these charges?

1:30 What is you experience in defending sex cases?

3:26 I have been charged with aggravated sexual assault. This did not happen the way she says it did and thus there is no evidence, but I’m still being charged. What are my options?

5:47 Are there experts in defending sex charges like there are experts in bankruptcy, family law, etc. and if so, how do I go about finding the experts?

8:37 I anticipate charges for a rape allegation, but I also expect I will be facing a civil case. How does this process work? Do you defend both?

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