Phoenix Vehicular Homicide Lawyer Answers Legal Questions – Criminal Attorney Adam Feldman

If you have been charged with a homicide relating to a car accident, contact criminal defense lawyer, Adam Feldman. Mr. Feldman provides free consultations and is willing to assist in even the most complex legal matters. You may also visit our website for more information at

In this Google Hangout, Adam answers questions related to criminal charges stemming from a DUI-related accident in Phoenix or Maricopa County.

0:13 My son was drinking and driving when he got into an accident. He is now in jail facing murder charges. How is this possible?

1:59 I know that he did not mean to kill anyone and has a clean criminal and driving history. Will this help him?

3:02 What defenses can we use to help my son?

5:00 My son was on prescription medications and alcohol. Does the fact that he was on prescription medications help him?

6:44 Is my son looking at serious time for a crime that he never meant to commit.

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