Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Widespread Panic performs Warren Zevon’s “Lawyers, Guns, and Money” at during their two night Halloween run at the Austin Music Hall in Austin, TX October 30, 2009.
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BEST Business To Start With Little Money

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Rocket Lawyer is the first SaaS-based legal benefit platform for employees. Since 2008, Rocket Lawyer has helped over 20 million people handle all of their legal matters. Now, employers can offer this valuable service to their employees. From free legal documents to quick legal advice or discounted rates from outstanding Rocket Lawyer On CallⓇ attorneys, Rocket Lawyer delivers services and counsel every step of the way, eliminating the cost and complexity that typically burden legal processes.

Legal Plan – The benefits of having a legal plan to protect your money

This video describes the features of a Legal Shield personal legal plan as well as its Identity Theft product. A legal plan is part of a solid financial planning foundation.

Law Enforcement Officers – There is a legal plan designed specifically for you as well.

Administrative and Termination Hearing Representation – Law Officers receive up to 10 hours of legal consultation, advice and representation for 2 administrative inquiries or investigations per membership year (up to 5 hours of assisitance per occurrence).

Each membership year you will also receive advice, counsel, and representation from your provider law firm for one (1) pre-termination hearing.

Your provider law firm also will help you with post-termination hearings (before a review board or arbitrator) as described below.

1st membership year – 60 hours (57.5 hrs of hearing time & 2.5 hours of pre-hearing time.
2nd year renewal: 120 hours (117 hours of hearing time & 3 hours of pre-hearing time
3rd year renewal: 180 hours (176.5 hours of hearing time & 3.5 hours of pre-hearing time
4th year renewal: 240 hours (236 hours of hearing time & 4 hours of pre-hearing time
5th year renewal: 300 hours (295.5 hours of hearing time & 4.5 hours of pre-hearing time

Finally for LEO’s – Tragic Accident Representation. Legal Shield will pay the legal fees of your provider law firm for your defense if you or a covered member of your family is charged with negligent homicide or vehicular homicide including manslaughter.
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Hyatt Legal Services: "Advertising" (circa 1992)

We have Joel Hyatt’s word that advertising is a good idea that just keeps getting better. Legal services just like Abraham Lincoln!

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Problems With Making Money With Legal Shield | Make Money Online With Legal Shield | Pre Paid Legal (Legal Shield)

Legal Shield is one the most needed services
today and years to come. So it’s most definitely
imperative that more people come to the
Knowledge of the Legal Shield plan.

Getting more exposure and more presentations
is key to growing your Legal Shield business.
But understand that I am not sharing this
information to try to take away from the already
incredible training and marketing strategies that
Legal Shield has in place.

What I am here to do is share how Legal Shield
associates can leverage the power of the
Internet to get more exposure and get targeted
traffic to call your phone to inquire about Legal
Shield. Whether to become a Legal Shield
associate or about the Legal Shield plan.

What I have been able to do along with some of
my associates on my Legal Shield team is get
more exposure by leveraging an online viral
blogging system called Empower Network.

The viral blogging system is used to be able to
target a specific group of people that highly
qualify to meet the criteria of owning and keeping
the Legal Shield plan in place. By using the viral
blogging system, it gives Legal Shield associates
high rankings on the search engines if you decide
to leverage SEO.(search engine optimization)

The blog will allow Legal Shield associates to be
able to generate leads from the traffic that it will
generate.The viral blogging system is already put
together, so all you have to do is start posting your
Legal Shield content on the viral blogging system.

This viral blogging system can also be customized
to fully fit your Legal Shield business. Being able to
generate traffic and also leads from that traffic to
your Legal Shield blog will also allow you to build a
list of your Legal Shield leads.

I know the Legal Shield replicated website also has
a place for Legal Shield leads that you can plug in or
are sent by the Legal Shield home office. But with the
viral blogging system will allow you to constantly
have traffic and leads coming in.

The viral blogging system also will allow Legal Shield
associates to be able to still make money off the
the leads that do not join your Legal Shield business
right then and there.

Legal Shield associates will be able to have their
visitors to contact them directly via phone number instead
of sending their visitors to the company replicated
website giving you the chance to share the necessity of
keeping the Legal Shield in place.

Keeping the member protected under the Legal plan
and the Legal Shield Associate from getting charge

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The Secret to MANIFESTING MONEY FAST Using The Law of Attraction | Powerful Info!

100% Results ✅ MANIFEST MONEY FAST Using The Law of Attraction | The Secret



In this video how to manifest money and how to manifest money fast and the law of attraction money.. you can manifest more money into your life and manifesting money using the law of attraction is not hard. But most people do know how to manifest money fast, and in this video we discuss the real keys to manifesting money.

A few years ago, my life changed forever. I went from not even being able to pay my groceries without anxiety. My wife, girlfriend at the time being in debt because I couldn’t pay for anything, so she was taking on my responsibilities, but she couldn’t afford them anyways. And my whole life changed when I came across a few principles for manifesting money that we’re in a book and that book was called prosperity by Charles fillmore. And I want to share with you how it allowed me to manifest more money fast into my life, a lot quicker and faster than I ever thought possible. And this is the same thing that can happen for you when you apply these. Number one, you have to see it as God’s will, that you have money. You have to see it as God’s will, that you have money. God’s will is not poverty and scarcity and lack and limitation for you.

Let me repeat that. God’s will is not poverty, scarcity, lack and limitation for you. It’s not. I personally believe that many of the many of the institutions have indoctrinated us with an idea that money is the root of all evil and that we shouldn’t want it as a way to actually control the population. That’s my personal belief system. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but what I do know for certain is that God’s will is for you to be rich. God’s will, his health, happiness and wealth. That’s God’s will for you. Most people believe the opposite, and if you’re going from the framework that by God you can use any word you want. You can call it consciousness, the universe spirit, the creative force of the universe, creator. It doesn’t matter. Alan Watts says, you can’t get wet by the word water, but grasp this.

It is God’s will for you to be rich. Comment down below it is the universe’s will or God if you like the word, doesn’t matter what word you use. It is God’s will. For me to be rich, comma that down below does it. It just almost. It’s like it’s almost like it feels weird the first time you hear it. I remember hearing that for the first time and being like, this is preposterous, but let me go on to share with you the reason that it’s God’s will for you to be rich is because one, everything is one originating substance. It’s all God. Everything. God is in everything. The universe, Spirit, consciousness, energy. It’s in everything. It’s in every cell of your body. It’s in every cell of your brain. It’s an every cell in the fingertips. It’s an everything. So your divine being and you’re here in order to experience life, to learn certain spiritual lessons, to learn certain things, to experience life, the best way for you to experience life is in abundance, not in scarcity and limitation and not being able to. And so guess what? Your desire for money is really your desire to experience more of creation.

That’s all it is. And money is here existing really as a medium for you to experience more of God’s creation like my mom I just showed you in the in the intro picture or a video of the view from my living room, me being able to afford the view and to live in this property. It makes me love the universe even more. Why? Because I get to see the ocean smell the ocean here in the middle of the night, I get to experience a beautiful property. It makes me just more grateful for life in money is the vehicle that allowed me that experience. So it is God’s will for you to have the money that you desire,

to travel, where you want to travel, to live, where you want to live, to donate where you want to donate, to have your kids go to the school they want to go to, for you to have what you want. It is God’s will. You have to make that up in your mind. Most people are going from the assumption that money is the root of all evil. They’re evil or bad. If they have a lot of money, money isn’t very important. I’d rather be happy than have money. Heck, I’d rather have both, but this is the ideas most people are coming from. And if you’re going from the that idea that the creative force of the universe doesn’t even want you to have money. You’re not going to be able to attract money because you’re subconsciously program that somehow God doesn’t want you to have these things.


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