Can A Criminal Defense Attorney Help With Tickets? | Free Legal Advice

Can A Criminal Defense Attorney Help With Tickets? | Free Legal Advice
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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney | Can I Fly On A Plane With Marijuana?

Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law Firm has handled thousands of criminal matters over the years, ranging from DUI to Murder, to White Collar offenses as well as Federal matters all over the country. Our Law Firm is successful in defending both felonies and misdemeanors including but not limited to the following:

Practice Areas Of Criminal Defense Attorney In Los Angeles:

Violent Crimes
Being arrested or investigated for a violent crime can be very frustrating and confusing. A violent crime involves the use of force, violence or threats against a person.
Actions you must take to beat your criminal case:

Assault & Battery
Assault and battery are two separate and distinct criminal acts, usually grouped together in a criminal charge. The crime of battery is when one causes bodily harm to another by using direct physical contact.
What it takes to approach your assault and battery case the right way:

Assault With a Deadly Weapon
Assault with a deadly weapon is a wobbler offense, meaning that depending on the circumstances, the offense may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.
Important details to know about assault with a deadly weapon charges

Armed Robbery
Armed robbery is a felony offense in California and involves the use of a weapon in carrying out the crime of robbery. Armed robbery is a much more serious crime than robbery.
Get familiar with options you have if charged with armed robbery:

Attempted Murder
If a person has acted deliberately and intentionally with extreme disregard for human life attempting to inflict fatal bodily injury on another person, then that person may be charged with attempted murder.
Couple important tips before you hire a criminal defense attorney:
Home Invasion
A person who breaks and enters a dwelling with the intent to commit a felony, a larceny, or assault in the dwelling with other occupiers present is guilty of home invasion.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a Criminal Offense, please contact our Law Firm today and speak directly with one of our experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys to discuss the best course of action. Consultations are always free and we are available 24/7.
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