Top 10 Questions to Ask Attorneys Before Hiring Your Lawyer

Louisiana Auto Accident Attorney Parker Layrisson reveals the best questions to ask lawyers before signing any contracts or paying any legal fees, helping you hire the right attorney for your case.

Parker is the founder of the Parker Layrisson Law Firm and an experienced criminal and civil trial attorney. He is a Tulane University honors graduate and a former No. 1 ranked LSU Law student who served as Editor-in-Chief of the Louisiana Law Review.

He is the author or co-author of Accident Handbook: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid, DWI Handbook: Insider Information on Louisian Drunk Driving Law, Negotiating a Plea Deal in DUI Cases, and the “Ask an Attorney” newspaper column.

With law offices in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Ponchatoula, Louisiana, the attorneys and staff of the Parker Layrisson Law Firm are ready to help you protect your rights and educate yourself on legal matters. Our practice focuses on helping people handle auto accident injuries, DWI/DUI and criminal defense, and other litigation.


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The information in this video is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice. If you need legal assistance, contact an attorney immediately. Each case is different. Results vary and they cannot be guaranteed by any attorney. Viewing this video does not result in an attorney-client relationship. Parker Layrisson Law Firm attorneys require execution of a written fee agreement by all parties and express acceptance of professional responsibility prior to beginning any representation.
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South Dakotans can get free legal advice from experienced lawyers when the State Bar of South Dakota sponsors the annual Ask-A-Lawyer program May 1-3, 2018.

Each call is handled anonymously by experienced attorney volunteers. Last year Ask-A-Lawyer answered over 800 calls from East River to West River South Dakota, ranging from family issues to contracts, wills, real estate, and more.

The calls are not intended to be an in-depth analysis of the caller’s legal concerns, but to answer general legal questions and, if appropriate, refer the caller to specific lawyer referral services or a government agency.

Attorney volunteers will answer calls May 1-3 from 6-9 p.m. MDT and 7-10 p.m. CDT. They will answer calls at locations in Rapid City and Sioux Falls, but can be reached by residents anywhere in the state. West River residents may call toll free 1-877-229-2214. East River residents may call toll-free 1-877-229-2213.
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  1. my dad had dementia, we went to landlord and explained that this man who was post stroke could not live live alone and was unsafe in home due to dementia. the landlord went to my dad and told my dad that his kids were conspiring against him.. lies.. he wanted to keep a tenant and did not care about the dementia and unsafe condition dad was in. dad was post strok an could fall on top of it all ,, we told landlord this. my brother who is power of attrroney went in moved dad. The landlord tried to stop dad from moving over stepping boundaries by returning after being informed to dad apartment and telling dad things that were lies. dad had dementia.. we told him about dad condition even though we felt bad we were trying to protect him…. my brother wired dads house with camers and audio and we have the landlord on tap telling lies… low down bastered … it was all about money.. So the landlord wanted a confused man to stay with dementia .. so he could get 1800.00 mothly…sad
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  2. hi! I am in need of legal advice. This is in regards to our family issue. my mother wants to get our assets (house and lot) that is originally owned by my grandparents. our case has been going on for almost 3 years now. I dont know why it had went this far because my mother's side just go to the court for like once or twice a year however my grandparents go to court every trial. they always say that our case will be dismissed but until now its not. its really difficult because were just family but this is how it goes. I just want us to win. Im not in favor with my mother.we have all of the documents needed and all the evidence to prove its ours but they wont dismiss our case.

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