WV Diocese Sue By State Attorney General for Knowingly Hiring Pedophiles | The Non-Prophets 18.06

The Non-Prophets 18.06 for March 20, 2019 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, & Kevin Stein.

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New York’s attorney general has announced the creation of a special prosecution unit to investigate the state’s police departments in the wake of a spate of killings of unarmed people by officers, but both law enforcement agencies and district attorneys are unhappy about the plans. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky has more details from New York City.

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18 thoughts on “WV Diocese Sue By State Attorney General for Knowingly Hiring Pedophiles | The Non-Prophets 18.06”

  1. there was already a unit implicated. It was supposed  to be a militia , Given to us from the 2nd amendment by our founding fathers .

  2. Its a nice gesture to investigate, the question is will due process work when certain politicians or lobbyist (including union members) will fear monger the crap out of the public to justify the violence..

  3. It's a start, but I dont trust it. Cuomo doesnt believe in the rights and freedom of the peasantry. He's little more than a thinly veiled autocrat himself.

    I'll but it once this investigative unit starts finding cops guilty and submitting them to prosecution.. else it'll just be another layer of smoke and mirrors to quite the populace into the belief that truth and justice means anything and the parade that quells public organizing, protest and expressions of outrage.

    It'll be another "Wait until the investigation finished and produces it's report". All the while it'll be one tactic of letting time go by so that the public loses interest and steam on the subject. I'm deeply skeptical..

    Start finding cops guilty for some ot the glaringly obvious crap they do, then, maybe..

  4. Police will always have the upper hand. People will have to fight so much for so little. Of course they don't want to implement accountability in their system

  5. Yes more oversight of the police is key to combating this problem that affects all communities in the United States. I know first hand the Macomb County Sheriff's Department has been violating my civil rights over two years now

  6. So the Police are investigating themselves through another puppet organisation?  Anyone really think they'll stop finding themselves innocent?

  7. USA is irrational, ignorant, insane and murderous.
    Ignorant societies are violent societies.

  8. What about all the innocents still in jail, have lost their rights to vote and change the system?

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